Commercial Awnings Hickory NC

Commercial Awnings


There is nothing like a fabric awning to increase the eye-appeal of your business. An awning can pique your customer’s curiosity and extend them an invitation to come in.

Awnings can highlight the style and architecture of almost any building. Choose from many styles and colors to create just the image you want, whether traditional or backlit.
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Today’s awnings provide protection from the sun and weather for your customers. They can provide signage, lettered with your name or logo, or even illuminated
with backlit graphics.

Call for a free estimate and we will come help you design the right awning to best fit your business. With today's technology, you can now see the difference a new
awning can make!

We can show you new awning ideas right on your building with digital photography.




Aluminum Awnings protect you, your customers and employees from rain and ice. They shade your windows to cool the interior, saving on your air conditioning costs. We manufacture and install Allmet brand aluminum awnings, and stock 23 Allmet colors to match your building trim. Click here to view Allmet color options.

Aluminum canopies provide shade and rain protection for your entry doors and dock doors. We install heavy-duty Mason aluminum canopies, which are available in eight
Mason colors.

In addition to our other products, we now offer standing seam products in 28 colors. The last 7 awnings in the photo gallery below are examples of standing seam awnings.

Call for a free estimate and we will come help you choose the right aluminum awning or canopy to fit your needs and budget.

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